Manly Madness

And hasn’t the Benji Marshall assault saga taken a turn for the worse. Now Manly have plastered themselves in the firing line. And for the life of my I can’t work out why.

Yes I agree with Manly that Brett Stewart was wronged by the NRL when they banned him from the first four rounds of the season and fined the club $100,000. But maybe the NRL have learnt from their folly. Stewart was found not guilty of sexual assault by the court system and Benji Marshall will have his day in court too. The NRL may have finally realised that ‘innocent until proven guilty’ – the basis of our legal system may actually work. Manly through chief executive Graham Lowe say that

“The club doesn’t take any issue with the recent decision of the NRL in the case of Benji Marshall. Allowing the legal process to take its course, without intervention, is the correct decision to take.

The problem the Manly club and its supporters have is that the same support was not given to Brett Stewart.”

But if this was so why bring it up? The NRL can un-suspend him. Wouldn’t it simply be an unwanted distraction for all involved with the Sea Eagles? And why continue to get the NRL offside? If I were involved with Manly I’d be going on with my business very quietly


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